SSCR-MLA. Conjunctivitis Health Alert

August 19, 2015
Dear Parents,

SSCR –Manila Conjunctivitis Health Alert Notice
In the past 3 weeks, we have encountered a number of students (elementary, high-school and college) reporting to the clinic presenting with CONJUNCTIVITIS (either Bacterial or Viral). We have been following routine procedures in handling these cases. It is our concern that the numbers may increase, thus we are issuing this primer to increase awareness and prevent the spread of this disease in our school.

Conjunctivitis also known as Sore eyes or Pink eyes is a contagious eye infection that is caused by bacteria or a virus. The transparent membrane covering the white of the eyeball and inside of the eyelids which is called the CONJUNCTIVA is inflamed due to irritation.

Signs and Symptoms
There is widespread redness, swelling, and yellow pus together with eye pain of one or both eyes. Patients also complain of a feeling heaviness on the affected eye.

Treatments Your Physician May Prescribe
Patients are advised to go home since they are highly communicable. Anti-infectives in the form of eye drops are prescribed to properly treat and manage the eye infection.

We are advising all parents/guardians to bring their children to an eye doctor once symptoms appear. Please be reminded to have the patient isolated for the first 24 hours; once the appropriate eye medicine has been given. Eye-Mo or Visine is not the drug of choice for conjunctivitis.

Please be guided accordingly.

In St. Sebastian,

HEAD – Medical and Dental Services


San Sebastian College – Recoletos Manila College Faculty Emergency Preparedness Seminar

On August 9 and 16, 2011, three years ago to be exact San Sebastian College – Recoletos, Manila College Faculty members of CAS (College of Arts and Sciences), CABACS (College of Accountancy, Business Administration and Computer Studies) and IREP (Institute of Religious Education and Philisophy) were given a one (1) hour seminar on Emergency preparedness and basic CPR (Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) for non – medical personnel. The lecture was sponsored by MDS (Medical and Dental Services Department in collaboration with Mr. Louie Domingo of EResearch center inc.

Stags Fun Run 4: Hailed a Success

As part of a now established yearly tradition starting four years ago, the San Sebastian College annual Stags Run was held to kick-start this year’s 73rd Foundation week celebration echoing the theme: “Greatness Awaits One Who Recollects”.
The charity run was held at the Macapagal Boulevard, in Aseana City, near Solaire Resorts and Casino last January 12, 2014. Registration started 4:00 am, and a recorded 4,000 runners participated this year. A warm up exercise was led by the head of Area of Physical Education – Mr. Joselito Gando. It was followed by a brief program hosted by ABMC – III’s Mr. Roland Daven Calinao and Ms. Maricris Soriano. A prayer for the success of the event was said before the program began. Rev. Fr. Joel A. Alve, OAR said a remark quoting the theme with its meaning to inspire the crowd. An intermission number was then performed by the ever-popular and energetic San Sebastian Recollect Dance Troupe (SSRDT).
The race began as soon as the starting pistol was fired. First to run were the runners in the 10k race, next came the 5k and 3k runners respectively. The now yearly kick-off to the college’s foundation week celebration was a glorious and exhilarating success. The unique way of the Sebastinian community to begin the 73rd foundation week celebration, attended by not only members of the Sebastinian community but by outsiders, eager to attend the race.

2013 SSCR-MLA Faculty Emergency Preparedness Seminar

CPR for FacultyCPR for FacultyCPR for facultyEmergency Preparedness

 Last September 25, 2011, SSCR-MLA’s Medical and Dental Services (MDS) in coordination with sponsored the first emergency preparedness seminar for both the gradeschool and highschool faculty members. I personally believe health and safety (especially during natural disasters and calamities) should be the responsibility of everyone. All of us in the school must be responsive and ready to attend to emergencies; inside or even outside our campus. The ordinary Juan/Juana needs to know what to during such situations so that we are able to help other people and save lives.